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De                                            is an advanced switchbox where different devices can be

connected to such as;


• Lighting

• Humidifier, Dehumidifier

• Heater, Airco

• CO2 Equipment

• USB stick

• Alarm system


With this controller, it is possible to control the climate in a closed environment at the desired

Temperature, Humidity and CO2 values.



Based on the selected program and the measured values, the controller switches the

peripheral devices on or off, whether phased or electronically dimmed.



When devices with the appropriate capacity are connected,  the controller ensures the set climate.







In the menus:


• Lighting

• Temperature

• Humidity

• CO2


it is possible to give in a different value for each day to 140 days in advance.

The controller can be completely set in 1 time.

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EZ-CO2 Climate Controller










Step 1   Choice of fan

Choose if fan 1,2 or 3 is adjusted.


Step 2   Function

Here is determined when the

selected fan is running.

The possibilities are;


• Light on

• Light off

• Continuous


Step 3   Mode

Here, the operation of the fan is determined.

The possibilities are;


• Temperature controlled

   A minimum and a maximum of

   RPM can be entered in a percentage.


• Fixed speed

   Give a fixed speed in a percentage.





Optionally, a Usb stick can be connected.


The Usb stick can be read out by a computer.

The included software provides a clear understanding of all measured

values and actions performed.


On the basis of these data, all the settings can be adjusted to achieve the desired climate.



By connecting an alarm system you'll be the first to know of failures and irregularities.




In the menu of the ventilator settings,

up to 3 fans can be set separately from each other.

This is done in three simple steps.

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EZ-Climate display fans


Alarm system



The controller has built in several security mechanisms that prevent

that harmful amounts of CO2 are added to the room.


The controller is equipped with a dual relay on the CO2 function.

When it detects that one relay stops working properly,

the CO2 function will be blocked.



CO2 Safety

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The EZ-TLC sensor measures:


• Temperature

• Humidity

• CO2


The CO2 function is automatically calibrated daily.


This sensor will last for years without any

defects and is completely maintenance free.





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In this menu is set if the Temperature and Humidity settings

gradually be bridged between LIGHT ON and LIGHT OFF periods.


Temperature and humidity are separately set.


Moreover, the addition of CO2 can be stopped before the lights go out.



Up/Down Phase

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In the bandwidth menu is set when the connected devices turn on and

off, on the basis of the measured temperature and humidity.


The default settings will do great in most situations.


However, it is possible to adjust these settings.


The function programs of which the bandwidth is adjustable;

• Heating

• Cooling

• Humidifier

• Dehumidifier

• Fans




During the LIGHT ON period the heater

is normally not used to heat the room.


Select ON for the heater in the LIGHT ON period

to be used, if necessary, to heat the room.

Heating On/Off

EZ-Climate display heating icon


A safety temperature can be set between 30 °C and 60 °C

above which the controller shuts down as a precaution.


• Only the 3 fan ports remain



• As an additional option the port

   of the cooling can be switched

   on or off during this action.

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Shutdown Temperature